Fire Panel Service

How does a fire panel work?

The fire panel is an integral part of the fire alarm system. It provides you with below mentioned function in detecting fires in your business premises. Each fire panel contains temperature sensors that provide alert signal every flame of time occurs.


It detects internal environmental changes in your business facility. There is a range of sensors available such as smoke detectors, temperature sensors, and many more.



The fire panel receives the data from the sensors and interprets it. It then sends fire alarm alerts.



The fire indicator panel can be custom programmed to notify emergency services if monitoring equipment is installed.



Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System functionality enables communications between facility areas and floors.

Fire alarm panels can often act as the first line of defense against the threat of fire, as they serve to warn us of present danger. Since their function is so critical to ensuring your safety, you cannot overlook this particular system.

Australian Standard AS 1670 demands that both households and commercial locations have numerous fire alarm panels installed. The ability of alarms to let everyone in the building know about the danger is crucial to saving lives.

Here at Victorian Fire Protection, we handle all steps to ensure your total fire protection. Our products and services are entirely certified and provide everything you need for your safety.

Victorian Fire Protection is a formidable supplier of knowledge and experience in both the residential and commercial business markets of fire protection, safety, and design expertise. We are recognized for our diverse fire equipment services and product choice.

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