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Fire Equipment Installation

We are well –known and recognized for our top-notch fire equipment installation and customer service. One has to go training on how to handle the situation if any fire event occurs. You have to get prepared ahead of time. You must install many fire extinguishers to handle the fire immediately before the fire is spreading too much. If you find few or many of the fire extinguishers are malfunctioning because of non-maintenance then you will be in trouble. You have to make sure your smoke alarm is working in full condition and maintained properly. Its working condition has to be monitored at least once in a month. It must be tested if it goes off for kitchen smoke or it just goes off accidentally. There are set of instructions for testing smoke alarm inits manual and ensure that it can be heard throughout around your home. If your fire extinguishers are not holding charge constantly then you will find them failing most probably when you need those most. If you don’t charge your fire extinguisher properly then it will be unable to discharge and combat the fire and it will be in the need of recharging anytime. That is why maintenance of fire equipment is mandatory otherwise you will find yourself using a malfunctioning one. To prepare your employees to stay safe in case of a fire emergency you must tailor to a particular plan to meet specific conditions in your building.  Ensure ample ventilation when chemicals and other cleaning products are used in areas with heat sources.  Ask them to smoke outdoors and ensure proper disposal of cigarette butts. Teach your team to keep paper products, boxes,linens away from heat sources and cooking areas. Conduct routine fire drills to ensure your team sticks to an emergency action plan and practice their roles and responsibilities in case of real fire disaster strikes. We can meet your needs if you would like to install fire alarms, emergency lighting and place a new or replace a damaged fire suppression system, fit new fire extinguishers. We also provide training to all the staff members and also assist them for developing an emergency action plan and also train them to handle fire extinguishers.

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